Trenton Doyle Hancock

USA / °1974 / wikipedia
Influenced equally by the history of painting as by the pulp imagery of pop-culture, Texas-born Trenton Doyle Hancock transforms traditionally formal decisions—such as the use of color, language and pattern—into opportunities to build narrative, develop sub-plots and convey symbolic meaning. Hancock’s works are suffused with personal mythology presented at an operatic scale, often reinterpreting Biblical stories that the artist learned as a child from his family and church community. His exuberant and subversive narratives employ a variety of cultural tropes, ranging in tone from comic-strip superhero battles to medieval morality plays and influenced in style by Hieronymus Bosch, Max Ernst, Henry Darger, Philip Guston and R. Crumb. Text embedded within the paintings and drawings both drives the narrative and acts as a central visual component. Hancock's resulting installations often sprawl beyond canvas edges and onto surrounding gallery walls.
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