Folk Art Family Portrait1825 by Unknown

A folk art masterwork, likely New England, possibly New York, ca. 1825

A most unusual and desirable rendering of a family closely yet comfortably composed, of three-quarter length, executed in scintillating pastels to achieve brilliant colors, lifelike quality, and a clarity that is undiminished over time. The foreground with children, the background likely showing the elder son flanked by proud parents.

All but the elder son having blue eyes. The lovely girl in white dress holds roses, one open and one emerging; the tow head boy in the center a woven rattle ball; the boy on the right a slightly opened book penciled '39'. I suspect 39 is not random, having a yet unknown significance.

The children's clothing is very stylish, the material they are made from so skillfully rendered that the fabrics can almost be felt. Soft separation from the background is found aside the father's head. (
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