Victor Gilbert

France / 1874 - 1935 / wikipedia /
Victor Gabriel Gilbert (Paris, 13 February 1847 - Paris, 21 July 1935); French artist. He worked in the academic tradition and was best known for his genre paintings, often city scenes.

...Victor Gilbert promoted a realistic display of modern life in its many permutations. Gilbert became one of the artists who carried Realism further into the 20th century and who also fell under the influence of the Impressionist movement by searching for new methods of representation, often less gritty than his earliest work.

Victor-Gabriel Gilbert was born in Paris, just shortly before the 1848 Revolution which brought about reforms in the Salon system that allowed more artists to introduce new work. Since Gilbert’s parents did not have enough money to send him to the École des Beaux-Arts for training, the typical route for aspiring artists, he instead began working as an apprentice at 13 to Eugène Adam, a painter decorator. At night he would also take lessons at the École de la Ville de Paris, which was his only form of official artistic training. As many of the École des Beaux-Arts ateliers relied on a more rigidly academic form of training and style of painting, his lack of extensive studies may have forced him to look towards daily life for his inspiration.

Gilbert debuted at the Salon of 1873 with Les Apprêts du Diner (Preparing Dinner) and Avant le Bal (Before the Ball), just a year before the Impressionist group showed their paintings at the first “Impressionist” exhibition at the photographer Nadar’s studio....

Gilbert had created a niche for himself and for his work in the realistic depiction of the aspects of Parisian life....

Victor Gilbert was not only influenced by Realism, but also by Impressionism. His life and Salon career lived through a period of consistent stylistic transitions, influenced by the times.... As more of Gilbert’s works become known, perhaps...
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