The White House at Night1890 by Vincent van Gogh

June, 1890.
War booty.

Formerly in the collection (98 paintings and 18 statues are recorded) of Otto Krebs, owner of the estate Holzdorf.
In the period of the Nazis he had to hide his collection in his cellar. He died in 1941. His wife Frieda Kwast and the Krebs-Scharlach Foundation were his heirs. After 1947 the Russians took the collection with them to Russia.
78 of the works of art were secretly stored in the basement of the Hermitage in Leningrad, 20 are disappeared.
In 1995 the museum showed a collection of the stolen objects. (
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 23 29 (60 73)
Location: The Hermitage , St. Petersburg, Russia