Branko Radulović1910 by Vlaho Bukovac

NOT a self portrait (obviously) although erroneously described as one, on more than one website. [sh]

Radulović, using his delicate color palette on small formats, breathed the first whiff of Impressionist painting into Bosnian and Herzegovinian history of art. As a painter of romantic nature, an active participant in the political life and a great connoisseur of music, he announced the beginning of modern art in our country with his rather small but valuable opus of art works.

...The echo of the Sarajevo assassination in 1914 traveled all the way to Paris, from where Radulović, for the second time makes his way to the front – this time to Skopje. Suffering from intestinal tuberculosis, at the end of March 1916, far from his homeland, Radulović dies at the age of thirty one.
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