Self Portrait by Vlaho Bukovac

Vlaho Bukovac left behind an oeuvre boasting 400 portraits and more than a hundred of other paintings.

Recurring motifs in his paintings are oriental rugs, implying thus that he used to paint in his own studio. However, Bukovac’s oeuvre features family portraits, cycle of nude paintings and genre scenes, sometimes even sacral themes. Bukovac canvases seem as if constantly blazing, flickering and live an eternal flame. An astounding amount of vigour that bursts out of the painter’s play with light on the surfaces permeated every portrait and drapery, every rug and peony, taking back in time for a moment the nostalgic spectators to the warmth of their parents’ garments.

Employing to some extent horror vacui approach, Bukovac doesn’t let the smallest bit of canvas go to waste but in the pointillistic manner creates his own realism. Observing these lavish scenes brimming with suspense that the painter creates, we briefly lose our sense of the...
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