Walter Firle

Germany / 1859 - 1929 / wikipedia /
Walter Firle or Walther Firle (August 22, 1859 – November 20, 1929); 19th-century painter from Germany.

He was born in Wrocław and is known for portraits and genre works.

He died in Munich, where much of his work remains in public collections. (

Walter Firle received lessons in painting from an early age. In 1879 he attended the Munich Academy of Art, where he was a student of Alois Gabl, Ludwig von Löfftz and Gabriel von Hackl. During a stay in Italy the artist created numerous landscapes as well as beach and town views. During a trip to the Netherlands Firle had the opportunity to study the Dutch old masters.

Back in Germany, he settled in Munich, where he created his first major and most important paintings. He painted mainly genre scenes, paintings with religious themes and portraits, including of well-known personalities and members of the Bavarian royal family. Firle was a member of the Munich Artists' Association and in 1890 he was appointed professor. His works were exhibited at the Glaspalast in Munich, in Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna and in Venice. (

Originally destined for a business career, he later changed his attentions to painting and attended the Academy in Munich. (
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