Portrait of Mrs. Chase1886 by William Merritt Chase

Chase first met his wife, Alice Bremond Gerson (1866-1927), in 1879 when she was only thirteen, and still known as Posey. He married her on 8 February 1886, although some sources claim it was 1887, when she was nineteen and he was thirty-six. His very loose Portrait of Mrs. Chase (c 1886) is an early sketch which probably dates from their first summer together. Initially, the couple lived with William’s parents in Brooklyn before moving to their own place in Greenwich Village.

Between the years 1887 and 1904, Alice bore a total of eleven children, of whom seven are believed to have survived childhood. They include:

Alice Dieudonnée (1887-1971), nicknamed Cosy, who was, after his wife, his favorite model
Koto Robertine (1889-1956)
William Merritt, Jr (1890-1891)
Dorothy Bremond (1891-1953), another favorite model
Hazel Neamaug (1893-?)
John Rudolph (died 1895)
Helen Velazquez (1897-1965)
Robert Stewart (1898-1987)
Roland Dana
Mary Content (1904-1943).

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