Wojciech Weiss

Poland / 1875 - 1950 / wikipedia / gemeentemuseum.nl
Wojciech Weiss is perhaps the most important of all early 20th-century Polish artists. Like his contemporaries Mondrian and Kandinsky, he looked for new ways to integrate spirituality into art. He found music and photography indispensible tools in this respect. In Eastern Europe, Weiss is an iconic figure in art history, whereas in Western Europe he has largely escaped attention. The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is seeking to change this with this first retrospective of Wojciech Weiss’s work ever to be held outside Poland. [19 March 2016 – 12 June 2016]

Weiss lived through tumultuous times. He experienced the First World War, with its dramatic impact on the map of Europe. Poland was reconstituted, only to be torn apart by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. Up to the Second World War, European society was internationally minded and artists traveled the world. They networked across national borders and kept an eye on the foremost developments in Paris, Munich and Vienna. For example, Weiss was a member of the Vienna Secession, where he exhibited side by side with Gustav Klimt and Dutch artist Jan Toorop. The descent of the Iron Curtain put an abrupt end to this east-west... (http://www.gemeentemuseum.nl/en/wojciech-weiss-1875-1950)

Wojciech Weiss (4 May 1875 – 7 December 1950); prominent Polish painter and draughtsman of the Young Poland movement.

Weiss was born in Bukovina to a Polish family in exile of Stanisław Weiss and Maria Kopaczyńska. He gave up music training to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków under Leon Wyczółkowski. Weiss originally painted historical or mythological paintings, but later switched to Expressionism after being profoundly influenced by Stanisław Przybyszewski. Weiss later became a member of the Vienna Secession. He was one of the first Polish Art Nouveau poster designers. Near the end of his life, he made several significant contributions to paintings of the Socialist realism in Poland. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojciech_Weiss)
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