Wolf Suschitzky

“Composition is not a matter of rules. It‘s a matter of taste.”

Wolfgang Suschitzky, born in Vienna in 1912, is a photographer and cinematographer born as son of a socialist bookseller in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. He is the younger brother of Edith Tudor-Hart, also an amazing photographer, and the father of cinematographer Peter Suschitzky, and Misha Donat, classical musician and writer.

When the Austrofascist movement took over in 1934, Suschitzky fled to the Netherlands. But thanks to lucky circumstances, he moved on to London. In the beginning he struggled to make ends meet, while occasionally assisting his much more successful sister.

When he was given the opportunity to become a cameraman for documentaries, he was able to start a successful career as a cinematographer. He worked on more than 200 films and was involved in ‘The Bespoke Overcoat’, a short, which received an Oscar in 1956. His most famous film works are ‘Get Carter’ (1971), a movie with Michael Caine, and the film version of the James Joyce book ‘Ulysses’ (1967).

During his years in the movie and television industry, Suschitzky kept his Hasselblad by his side and took thousands of still photos. His photographs reflect the distinct eyes of a documentarian combined with a poetic sensibility and the enthusiasm of a progressive mind. A man who saw his work as a valuable political tool, and as an instrument for learning. He did not consider any rules or any conventional wisdom when framing his objects.

“Composition is not a matter of rules,” he said. “It‘s a matter of taste.” (http://www.galeriehilanehvonkories.de/en/suschitzky/i-am-a-lucky-man/)
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