Yamamoto Masao

Japan / °1957 /
"For me a good photo is one that soothes.
Makes us feel kind, gentle. A photo that gives us courage, that reminds us of good memories, that makes people happy…"

Yamamoto Masao [1957] was born in Gamagori City, Japan.

He is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Zen, and the belief that meditation and the pursuit of beauty play an essential role in the development of human beings. Yamamoto’s philosophical and spiritual roots contribute to his distinctive photographic style, in which the ordinary is revealed as something extraordinary.

Yamamoto’s small-scale photographs, A Box of Ku and Nakazora, are visual haikus that can be displayed as a collection of objects creating poems, or stand alone as individual images. The prints are meditative objects, each image encourages the viewer to draw on their own memories and subconscious. While the images are simple and observational, their suggestive nature is what gives them power.

His monographs include Fujsan, é, Omizuao, Nakazora, A Box of Ku and his latest, Small Things in Silence. Yamamoto Masao´s work is exhibited and included in many public and private collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The International Center of Photography, New York, and the Sir Elton John Collection.
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