Yvonne Jacquette

USA / °1934 / coolhunting.com
Yvonne Jacquette is reknowned for her nocturnal cityscape, landscape and aerial views. Both a printmaker and painter, Jacquette’s interest in cloud formations, weather patterns, and aerial views was first sparked during a flight to San Diego in 1969. She subsequently focused on New York in the 1980s and 1990s, chartering planes from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, working from the Empire State Building, and using empty office spaces and enclosed decks of the World Trade Center to create elevated views of the city. After a trip to Hong Kong in 1990, she included multiple perspectives in her composition, making new spatial configurations through heightened color, elemental repetition, and manipulation of light, scale, and perspective. She has since painted aerial views of major cities across the United States, Canada, and Japan, although her primary focus is New York City.

Printmaking is an important part of Jacquette’s practice and she has made several silkscreens, lithographs, and woodcuts that depict New York City, Chicago, and New Jersey. The majority of her woodcuts, which she typically spends a year or more hand-cutting, are printed in dark inks on Japanese Okawara paper. She prefers this material for its natural contrast and ability to smoothly absorb the dense ink. ....

Born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in Stamford, CT, Jacquette attended the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York City in 1956. She has participated in major exhibitions, including at The Art Institute of Chicago; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of the City of New York; National Academy of Design, NY; ... tthe Museum of the City of New York organized “Under New York Skies: Nocturnes by Yvonne Jacquette,” which was shown concurrently with “Street Dance,” an exhibition of photography by her late husband Rudy Burckhardt.... (http://maryryangallery.com/artists/yvonne-jacquette/)
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