Pulse 2015

Pulse 2015

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About David Behringer

Founder of The Two Percent, David Behringer is the leading expert on “right now” in the New York contemporary art scene. Visiting over 200 gallery exhibitions a month for nearly 10 years straight, David’s obsession with uncovering and filtering the most unique art in the world on any given day is shared through his popular newsletter, highly rated private tours and new cutting-edge “live” audio tours.

A Seattle native, his move to New York coincided with Chelsea’s gradual transformation into a modern architecture mecca and home of the High Line. With serendipitous timing and an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, his expertise has expanded outside the gallery walls to include the amazing architecture, history, and legends between the galleries.
March 8, 2015
Pulse is a nice mid-size fair (tiny compared to The Armory Show) with about 50 galleries. Most fairs were light on “interactive art”, so it was refreshing to find two sculptures you could play with. Those two, and a couple other works are featured below.

This exhibition is part of our coverage of Armory Week 2015.
What appears like an ordinary single-colored light box is secretly interactive! The artwork senses your approach and begins to glow brighter as you get closer. Reach out and touch it, and the light quickly changes color. Because it’s not obvious that you can/should touch it, I recommend hanging out here and impressing new visitors who will first be horrified that you are reaching to touch it, and then burst with a smile when they see what happens. Courtesy of TRANSFER gallery.

A Ping Pong table is cut in half and placed against a giant mirror. YES YOU CAN pick up a paddle and challenge yourself. It’s called “win win”, but I felt like I lost every time. Presented by mc2gallery.

Moving to New York, Kathleen missed the nature of her childhood home in rural Maryland, so she made a little nature: small enough to fit in her apartment and portable enough to take with her literally anywhere she travels. The streams actually flow via a tiny water pump. Presented by Rocklemann &.

(That’s not a typo. The gallery’s name is literally “Rocklemann &”)

Antique photos of basketball games, altered with Palladium and Gold Leaf, become transcendent (and hilarious) representations of the supernatural. Represented by Davidson Contemporary