Moving Image 2015

Moving Image 2015

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Founder of The Two Percent, David Behringer is the leading expert on “right now” in the New York contemporary art scene. Visiting over 200 gallery exhibitions a month for nearly 10 years straight, David’s obsession with uncovering and filtering the most unique art in the world on any given day is shared through his popular newsletter, highly rated private tours and new cutting-edge “live” audio tours.

A Seattle native, his move to New York coincided with Chelsea’s gradual transformation into a modern architecture mecca and home of the High Line. With serendipitous timing and an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, his expertise has expanded outside the gallery walls to include the amazing architecture, history, and legends between the galleries.
March 8, 2015
Moving Image has again accomplished the impossible, exclusively showcasing THE most difficult medium to view and display in any art fair: video art. With engaging videos and a perfect setting, it remains one of the most entertaining, intelligent and engaging fairs of all time. If you’re not a fan of video art, this fair will make you one. It did for me.

This exhibition is part of our coverage of Armory Week 2015.
Thornton films quiet (bored) animals, and transforms the footage into incredible moving kaleidoscopic abstractions. Paired with their original footage, these hypnotic films function like moving paintings or animated stained-glass rose windows. Represented by Winkleman Gallery.

Twenty LCD screens cut a movie into twenty equal sections and play them all simultaneously. By my math, that allows you to watch a 2-hour movie in only 6 minutes. I watched “Total Recall” and “2001 A Space Odyssey”. More than saving you time, the visual comparison of 20 scenes simultaneously is incredibly insightful to understand the full visual and thematic arc of a film in just a few seconds. The exposed equipment (Raspberry Pi’s) gives the piece an incredible physical presence that doesn’t translate to YouTube. Represented by Transfer Gallery.

The artist collaborative “Generic Art Solutions” (Matt Vis & Tony Campbell) created a 2-headed bicycle and produced this soul-warming video that proves we’re all better together, even if one of us can’t see where he/she is going. One of the most simple and true things I’ve seen in a while. Represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery.

20 people. 300 tropical plants. One viewer reacted with disgust to this 2-minute video of hundreds of potted plants falling to their destruction in an open courtyard. I found it somehow freeing – a rapid release of confinement back into the chaos of nature. Either way, it’s mesmerizing. Represented by Luciana Brito Galeria.