Volta 2015

Volta 2015

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About David Behringer

Founder of The Two Percent, David Behringer is the leading expert on “right now” in the New York contemporary art scene. Visiting over 200 gallery exhibitions a month for nearly 10 years straight, David’s obsession with uncovering and filtering the most unique art in the world on any given day is shared through his popular newsletter, highly rated private tours and new cutting-edge “live” audio tours.

A Seattle native, his move to New York coincided with Chelsea’s gradual transformation into a modern architecture mecca and home of the High Line. With serendipitous timing and an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, his expertise has expanded outside the gallery walls to include the amazing architecture, history, and legends between the galleries.
March 6, 2015
Known as the “sister fair” of The Armory Show, everything about Volta is cooler: the font is cooler, the hand-outs are cooler, and the galleries feature only one artist per booth, giving it a less commercial and more relaxed feel. The most surprising highlights this year shared an unbelievable level of intricacy and detail.

This exhibition is part of our coverage of Armory Week 2015.
This is not a banana or a shovel. Various everyday objects have been cast in clear resin and painted to look 100% real… but only 75% complete! A section of each sculpture remains unpainted and therefore crystal clear, as if each is a state of disappearing. Presented by MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.

In a pure white booth (seriously the carpets are white, the furniture is white, and every piece of clothing worn by the staff is white), Simon Schubert presents blank sheets of white paper. Instead of a pencil, Simon creases sheets of paper with unbelievable precision to “draw” hallways, staircases, and even the sunlight streaming through a window frame. Presented by Foley Gallery, New York.