ADAA 2015

ADAA 2015

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About David Behringer

Founder of The Two Percent, David Behringer is the leading expert on “right now” in the New York contemporary art scene. Visiting over 200 gallery exhibitions a month for nearly 10 years straight, David’s obsession with uncovering and filtering the most unique art in the world on any given day is shared through his popular newsletter, highly rated private tours and new cutting-edge “live” audio tours.

A Seattle native, his move to New York coincided with Chelsea’s gradual transformation into a modern architecture mecca and home of the High Line. With serendipitous timing and an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, his expertise has expanded outside the gallery walls to include the amazing architecture, history, and legends between the galleries.
March 5, 2015
The Art Show always features a very small number of very major galleries and is the perfect decompression from the Armory. My favorite exhibitions this year shared inventive techniques to produce quietly contemplative work.

This exhibition is part of our coverage of Armory Week 2015.
Barry X Ball 3D-scans famous sculptures, then computer mills “faulty” stone to reproduce them in anything but white marble. The effect achieves something no human hand could possibly manage, and no computer could do alone. I’m told that there is extensive “hand finishing” when the computers are done. I believe it. Presented by Sperone Westwater Gallery.

These permanent soot shadows were created by igniting a tire in a sealed room. In this one, butterfly specimens pinned to the wall leave a white shadow where their wings block the burning tire smoke. Presented by Bortolami Gallery.

Somewhere between sculpture, painting, Astroturf, and cake decorating, these monochrome abstractions of “oil on linen with wood panel support” are hard to keep at arms length. Presented by Marianne Boesky Gallery.

In my book, no one can beat “oil on canvas” in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. Known for her paintings of quiet anonymous houses, Mareen’s newest work is my favorite in the fair, featuring small canvases with effortlessly painted ocean waves. Presented by 303 Gallery.