New York Armory Week
A selection by The Two Percent

New York Armory Week
A selection by The Two Percent

Text by Moenen Erbuer
March 9, 2015
We salute the valiant souls that are braving the rain, snow, hail, sludge, mud, puddles and general dirt this week in New York, all to see some art. Well, not just "some" art. It's Armory Week. With about 65,000 people attending, The Armory Show is one of the biggest art fairs in the world (#8 to be exact), and as if many thousands of artworks packed into two enormous hangars wasn't enough, there's a bunch more satellite fairs happening at the same time all across town, making it impossible for anyone in his right mind to see everything.

Except, of course, if your name is David Behringer, and you're the man behind, an absolute must-have mailing list for any art-loving New Yorker with FOMO. And not only does he separate the wheat from the chaf for you, David is also more than happy to take you around the Chelsea art district in person, with his weekly audio-hop tours.

So we asked David to share his favorites from each fair.

The Armory Show


Spring/Break Art Show





Moving Image Art Fair

Independent Art Fair

Art on Paper