Drawn to Language

Drawn to Language

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About Barbara Hunt McLanahan

Jil Weinstock is the Curator and Director of Fine Arts at the Children’s Museum of the Arts. A practicing artist, Jil is represented by Winson Wachter in New York, and Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles. She has shown extensively nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions.

Barbara Hunt McLanahan has been the Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of the Arts since February 2013. Prior to this she was Executive Director of Judd Foundation (NY and Marfa, Texas), Artists Space (NY), Visual AIDS (NY) and Camerawork Gallery + Darkroom (London). She was led non-profit organizations in both London and New York since 1989.
April 7, 2015
The works shown here are taken from Drawn to Language, an exhibition jointly curated by Jil Weinstock and Barbara Hunt McLanahan for the Children’s Museum of the Arts, which was on view in the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery from September 2014 to January 2015.

In Drawn to Language, words are given visual form. Letters, words, or phrases are transcribed, visualized, verbalized, symbolized, morphed into patterns, scrambled, or even erased. While the works in the exhibition vary conceptually — from amusing to political to philosophical — each work is defined by its use of words to create an image, a deeper meaning, or both.

Visual artists have long been interested in the intersection between art and language. The artists in this exhibition use new materials, processes, and techniques to entice the viewer to examine language in new ways.