How to use Curiator

How do I add art to my collection?

If you're on a computer, you can re-collect art by dragging it onto the logo that appears. If you're visiting Curiator on a tablet or mobile phone, you can collect art by first tapping it once to launch the full-screen mode, and then swipe down. Watch our tutorial below.

How do I add or edit information of an artist or artwork?
On any artist or artwork page you will see an 'edit' button. If you click this button you will be able to complete or edit the information for any artist or artwork.
What if I don't know the artist's name?
You can classify the artwork under "unknown". Sooner or later someone who does know the artists will fix it for you.

For Artists

I'm an artist, how do I create a profile?

Artist profiles are generated automatically when anyone uploads art from a new artist. However, we would like to politely ask you not to upload your own work – at least for now.

Can I upload my own art to my collection?

We're working on a few ways to help artists show their art on Curiator. However, these channels are not yet in place, so we'd like to politely ask you to bear with us and hold off uploading your own work until we're ready.

Meanwhile, we hope you can enjoy Curiator for what we made it: a place to discover and collect all the great art in the world.

For Galleries and Museums

How do I create a profile for my art business/organization?
Institution profiles will come to Curiator in the future. We will announce this when we are ready. Make sure you're subscribed to the "Occasional Curiator update" in your email settings.

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