Garrowby Hill (Yorkshire)1998 by David Hockney

This is the highest point in the Yorkshire Wolds and it was from here that the snaking road was captured by the artist.
It is believed by many who have interviewed Hockney since Garrowby Hill appeared in 1998 that he actually produced the work predominantly though memory, with perhaps a little artistic imagination added in on top.

The vibrant palette and bold brushstrokes of this work recall Matisse and Van Gogh rather than the meticulously rendered compositions typical of his own earlier work. The high horizon and distant patchwork of the Yorkshire moors suggest the artist’s view was from a striking and distant vantagepoint. (

Hockney talking about the color of roads:
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 60 76 (152 193)
Location: Museum of Fine Arts , Boston