“I do not deny that I have made drawings and watercolors of an erotic nature. But they are always works of art. Are there no artists who have [not] done erotic pictures?” ( complete link above.)

"Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal."

Egon Schiele (12 June 1890-31 Oct. 1918); Austrian painter. A protégé of Gustav Klimt, Schiele was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. His work is noted for its intensity and its raw sexuality, and the many self portraits he produced, including naked self portraits. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele's paintings and drawings mark him as an early exponent of Expressionism....

His work was already daring, but it went a bold step further with the inclusion of Klimt's decorative eroticism and with ... figurative distortions, that included elongations, deformities, and sexual openness. Schiele's self portraits ... with their unique level of emotional and sexual honesty and use of figural distortion in place of conventional ideals of beauty. His Kneeling Nude with Raised Hands is considerably the most significant nude art piece made during the 20th century. His radical and developed approach towards the naked human form challenged both scholars and progressives alike. This unconventional piece and style went against strict academia and elevated a sexual uproar with its contorted lines and heavy display of figurative expression. Schiele mastered the craft of contouring sexually charged beings to express emotional revolutions.

...In the autumn of 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic that claimed more than 20,000,000 lives in Europe reached Vienna. Edith, who was 6 months pregnant, succumbed to the disease on 28 Oct. Schiele died only 3 days after his wife. He was 28 years old. During the 3 days between their deaths, Schiele drew a few sketches of Edith.
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