"... Hope Gangloff has developed a fervent following in recent years for her beautifully observed portraits of her friends, and for much of her career these captured vérité slices of life from the bohemian squalor of Brooklyn, where she lived and worked. That changed when she relocated her studio to the bucolic setting of upstate New York, and now her new show of nine large-scale paintings at Susan Inglett Gallery reveals the direction her work has taken as a result.... Here, the artist discusses her country sojourn, her approach to portraiture, and why photographs 'suck.' ...I'm a big fan of portraiture—humans are endlessly entertaining and interesting. I like painting people I know because the familiarity helps relax both the subject and myself. Anyone who has sat for me knows that the first four hours painting will probably be erased completely. It's less stressful when my model already knows that.

When I have a person sitting, it is not uncommon for me to sweat like crazy. The reason for this is simple: I am doing math. My eyeballs are doing insane measurements, triangulating distances very quickly. There is a fine line between getting it right and getting it beautiful that I try to skate ..." http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/hope_gangloff

"...Love Letters—chosen by Gangloff as the title of her exhibition—both affirms the artist’s admiration for the people in her life who become her subjects and for the act of painting itself. Her canvases are not only forgiving—as is true love—they are close and personal.

Her portraits of friends—hip beauties in lush environments—capture a panoply of emotions that reflect a generation of young adults trying to cope with our current economic times, giving her personal vision of modern American life. In her own way, she documents our era by making permanent fixtures of her friends with all their pros and cons.

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