Mother and Child1895 by George De Forest Brush

...Brush’s poetic Indian canvases brought him recognition but not much money. He shifted to other themes about 1890 to support his growing family. Brush tried to steer clear from the dramatized western scenes that were popular with his contemporaries. He instead chose to depict his Native American subjects as they were in everyday life. He returned to New York and found work as a teacher at the Art Students League. He then painted mother and child scenes that brought him commercial success. His own wife and children posed for these paintings. His most celebrated and possibly the finest of these was the circular “Mother and Child” in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts which was purchased in 1895 for $7,000. In the painting Mrs. Brush is shown in profile holding one of her infants, who smiles out at the viewer from under a halo of blond curls. An earlier picture in the series called “At the Fountain,” sold for $18,000 in 1920.
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Media: oil on panel
Dimensions (h/w/d): 40 40 (102 100)
Location: Musem of Fine Arts , Boston