Svanen (The Swan) No. 17, Group IX, Series SUW,1914-1915 by Hilma Af Klint

Svanen (The Svan), No. 17, Group IX, Series SUW, October 1914-March 1915. This abstract work was never exhibited during af Klint's lifetime.

"[paintings in] Af Klint’s series entitled The Dove feature colors and symbols that reflected af Klint’s spiritual following of theosophy and her practice with The Five. These paintings display a crystal clear vision rendered without hesitation and with great efficiency and skill. Brushstrokes read as radiating light but the images have a quiet energy and a slow burn. Forms hover and are at the same time weighty with modeled paint.

The precise and almost schematic compositions include prism-like colors and illusions of...

The Swan No. 17 is a clear connection to contemporary art with its minimal composition and palette. I think of the Joseph Albers color studies, The color forms of Sonia Delaunay and the playful bright and some works by Paul Klee."
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Media: oil on canvas
Period / movement: abstract modernism