Kenneth Noland

"Usually I throw away what I don't get right the first time."
"I think of painting without subject matter as music without words."
Kenneth Noland

"...developed an early interest in the emotional effects of color and geometric forms..."

"...abstract painter and sculptor, born in Asheville, NC. Served in US Air Force 1942-6. Studied at Black Mountain College, NC, under Albers, Bolotowsky and Zadkine 1946-8 and at Zadkine's sculpture studio in Paris 1948-9. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Creuze, Paris, 1949. Afterwards settled in Washington, DC, where he taught at the Institute of Contemporary Art ... Became very friendly with Morris Louis and visited New York with him in 1953, when both were greatly impressed by Helen Frankenthaler's technique of staining acrylic paint into unsized canvas. Began in 1958 to paint centralised images of concentric rings of colour, at first with fuzzy, painted-out edges as well as crisply defined contours, then with a precise target-type structure and dynamic interactions of colour... "

"Many have tried to categorise Noland’s work; describing him as an ‘abstract’ painter, an ‘abstract expressionist’, a ‘minimalist’ painter, and most commonly an ‘American Colour Field’ painter. The latter seems most fitting and is characterised by large expanses of flat, solid colour, spread across the canvas. ...
By the mid-1950s, Noland was painting what became his trademark; large-scale, square canvases of concentric circles in bold, flat colours. He painted nearly 200 of these. Like many artists, his work changed over time. The circles or ‘targets’ developed into chevrons, diamonds and then stripes, with Noland also pioneering the use of the shaped canvas. ...
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