Les jours gigantesques (The Titanic Days)1928 by René Magritte

Magritte... has painted a spectral silhouette of a strange rape.

He has deformed the naked lower part of the woman's body so that it almost seems she is suffering from elephantiasis. Her gesture is defensive, cramped, anxious. Especially unusual is the combination of the silhouette of the dark man, the woman's outline, and her shadow, which includes even the man's legs and feet. In proportion to the man's head (the face is forced awry and the ear is seen in foreshortening), his hands are colossal.

The contamination of the 2 bodies, the confusion of the 2 pairs of hands, the violent effect created by the hard shadow - which is simultaneously a volume, absorbed into the heavy forms of the nude woman - give the painting a fierce and sensual yet cold animation that Magritte never again equaled. (http://www.renemagritte.org/the-titanic-days.jsp)
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