Mamo Srogthik (a tantric goddess)1300 by Unknown

Unknown Tibetan artist from Purang-Guge.

Tantric goddess Mamo Srogthik ( མ་མོ་སྲོག་ཐིག། ) is holder of the life-essence. She had a broader religious role than being a Yulha. Her attributes include a sword ( རལ་གྲི། ), mirror ( མེ་ལོང། ), staff ( ཁ་ཊཾ་ག། ) and snake ( སྦྲུལ། ). Note the eyes along the edge of the mirror, they were almost certainly nine in number, an ancient mythic and ritual tradition. Metal mirrors were produced in ancient Tibet for ritual purposes. Nine eyes symbolize all the elements of of the universe & good-fortune.
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Period / movement: tibetan buddhist art