The Dove, No. 2, Group IX/ UW, The SUW/UW Series1915 by Hilma Af Klint

Swedish title: Duvan, nr 2, grupp IX/UW, serie SUW/UW, 1915 (

The shallow spatial illusion in a painting like The Dove No. 2 resonates with depictions of medieval landscapes where geometrically skewed castles seem to be sitting on top of each other against a solid backdrop like Duccio’s Temptation on the Mount. The very heavily painted glow coming off the rainbow cube is reminiscent of the supernatural glow surrounding saints in paintings of the same period. About ¾ of this painting is boldly covered in a slightly varied matte black surface. The mildly three-dimensional cubes gently kiss the flattened field of blue and yellow at the horizon edge.
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Period / movement: abstract