Double Gulp2015 by Nadine Robbins

Nadine Robbins’ portrait of Howard Tullman offers an alternative look into Immortality. Traditionally, Immortality is tied in with themes of confidence, power, and etherealism. This painting instead shows Howard in a more Vulnerable position. He is shown drinking soda from a Big Gulp, a habit of his. Though Howard Tullman is an entrepreneurial figure-head and leader, he is not impervious to having habits, despite the negative health consequences they may bring. However, this is also very telling of Howard’s mortal state. Everything Howard involves himself in is big, from his career, to his art collection, the city he resides, and his Big Gulp. His personality and influence outweigh his more personal decisions, dietary or otherwise. Tullman’s impact and image are Immortal.
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Tags: realism
Period / movement: contemporary realism
Dimensions (h/w/d): 24 24 (61 61)
Location: Tullman Collection , Chicago